To discover natural  wild primitive  life with open sky sterling pure air around you , with a unique accommodation not in a five stars hotel but in all stars space less accommodation. Don’t hesitate to accept our invitation to stay in a sky view limitless spot with the adorned of simple primitive life for a few days. . Come to where you can restore your peace of mind, relaxation, physical vitality and get rid of secular tension and entanglements. Remember, the moments of sun bath and sand bath during these indescribable tours will be stuck in your mind forever.


The Land of Enchantment

The Land of Turquoise

The Land of Holy Places pilgrim routs and military outposts

It was in Sinai that Moses received the Commandments and the Holy Family traveled through it to Egypt. SINAI is the bridge betweenAfrica and Asia (covers 61.000 Sq.) will introduce you to the Colored Canyon, Wadi Firan , the Blue Valley , ST. Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Moses . Hike through spectacular Sinai mountains range, touching biblical history en route. Meet knowledgeable Bedouins who are naturally environmentally friendly and practiced the rules of ecology before it was known to modern civilization. Sleep under a star studded sky and hear the silence. It’s a very special trip for nature lovers.


Masr Algamila Travel supplies and provide the clients with private meeting , transfers , equipped “four well drive “ cars appointed to penetrate deserts , tents and all equipments and tools for Safari and expedition tours.

Hotel Accommodation and Camping

  • Hotel accommodation is upon your request and the categories you select
  • Accommodation on the duration of Safari tours is in tents in places and areas chosen by your escort, according to his own a solute evaluation
  • Hotels in Oases are tourist class and clean with hot water path
  • The camp includes all necessary cooking gear and fire grill equipment

Hotel Accommodation and Camping

  • Hotel accommodation is upon your request and the categories you select
  • Accommodation on the duration of Safari tours is in tents in places and areas chosen by your escort, according to his own a solute evaluation
  • Hotels in Oases are tourist class and clean with hot water path
  • The camp includes all necessary cooking gear and fire grill equipment

Boat Specifications

  • Boats are 40 and 50 feet cruisers, powered by GM, Volvo Turbo, Caterpillar marine engines of 165 HP. 40 FT Cruisers, have one cabin with 4 berth. 50ET Cursers have two cabins. Depending on the type of cruiser, they either have one cabin with two large berths OR one cabin with 4 berths and one cabin with 2 berths. all cruisers are equipped with kitchen , bathroom ( no hot water ) , large fishing deck , large seating area and a fly bridge . all boats are also equipped with marine VHF radio.Accompanying the fishing team is one native captain, with good knowledge of the fishing locations according to seasons and sea conditions. Also, one assistant, whose job is to assist the captain when needed, cooking and to provide you with any service

Daily meals on the boat are:

  • Breakfast: Eggs, cheese, coffee, milk, marmalade bread.
    Lunch: Light snake to be agreed upon.
    Dinner: fish cooked on board (Fisherman way)
    Beverages: available include ice, water and cokes.


Nile Safari

  • To discover the secret of the Nile and the traditional Egyptian life on banks with primitive atmosphere on the high technology life now we invite our tourist to discover Nile secret.Feluccas sailed by Nubian staff, have been adapted to carry travelers comfortably on our short Nile expeditions. The deck is covered with mattresses and sheets resulting in a comfortable sun-bed  area . There is a canopy to shade you from the sun, which can easily be removed if you prefer to sunbathe.

Traditional meals are prepared throughout the expedition , by our sailors , who often like to stop for a bonfire at night on the beach , when they are keen to show off their local dance and music.

The beauty of the feluccas is their timeless simplicity. Their small size along with the fact that very are totally dependent on the wind and currents, provides an ideal environment for relaxation. Stopping at remote beaches, villages and temples, or meeting the local peoples along the banks, it is hard to think of a better way to discover life along the river. 

This trip is fully with adventure but safety, non nosey.

The Western Desert

The western desert covers an area 680.00 Sq km and is composed of sand dunes and a range of cliffs , with an average height off 1500 Ft. extending from Nile valley to the Egyptian Borders with the Republic of Libya on the west and from Mediterranean sea on the North to the south borders of Egypt with the Republic of Sudan .

Western desert is the romantic oases , these lush desert gardens , strung across the WesternDesert are still Egypt’s widely undiscovered travel destination . Following ancient caravan routs, the oases offer distinctive dwelling with elaborately ornamented inhabitants with strong Pharaonic and Greco-Roman traits in origin.

The Eastern Desert

 It is an area extending from the Nile valley in the West to the Red Sea coast in the east. It is about 230.000 Sq. km with the mountains of archaic and granite rocks and cliffs of 6000 Ft high.

Our Safari Organization

The factors that contribute in the success of such expeditions are numerous … starting by the selection of the destinations, the technical specifications of the vehicles used , the weather conditions , the service offered during the journey ,  and most of all the assistance of the personnel satisfying the needs of the clients and being at their disposal at all times.

  • Safari and expedition tours arrangementsand organizations are running and operating all the year round.
  • All Safari and expeditions tours are set and planning and handling by travel Safari specializeddepartment according to stated programs and dates of every tour .
  • Our Safari and expedition tours can be operated and handled from Rafah and Taba on border s of Israeland from El Salom on the borders of Libya and from any coastal   or land ports in Egypt .
  • We can add a day or two after or before the original Safari and expedition tour and combine to make classical and traditional tours in Cairo according to your request.
  • Safari tours can be slightly amended for any emergent cases like weather, wind , gales , but nothing will mar the enjoyment of the tour or minimize the items of the tours

What included in our Safari Programs..?

  • All necessary transportation by 4WD, buses, camels according to the program
  • All necessary accommodation –hotel/ camp according to the program
  • All sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary with entrance and guiding fees
  • Meals arrangement according to the program
  • Escort expert Safari guide

What excluded in our Safari program..?

  • International flights
  • Needed Domestic flights
  • Entry Visa
  • Personal expenses and extras at the hotels or tour
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Any other item non-mentioned in our program

Visits and excursions

All entrance fees and permissions for all visits

  • Professional multilingual Desert guides


  • On the Red Sea, home to variety of fish only nature could create, fisherman will pursue their quarries with the assurance of comfortable fun filled restores they will enjoy at the end of exciting days . Or sleep on board cozy boats in tranquility as you ponder the next day catch and enjoy the warm wonders of the Red Sea – memories that will last!Whichever your preference, freshwater or saltwater,Masr Algamila Travel suggests unforgettable fishing safaris and wild adventures to recall for endless story telling.the secret , is the new popularity in deep sea fishing far from the shores where you match your skills to those of barracuda, shark, yellow fin or big eye tuna, bonito, grouper, kingfish, and sailfish, among others.Fully equipped modern boats for 4 to 8 persons, with full navigation aids are fitted for troll fishing (maximum of 4 per boat) as well as line fishing. Sea guns and harpoons are not allowed. Ice storage for your catch and experienced crews are there to assist. Food and new beverages are served on board as you skim after your catch.A new and exciting adventure in an area of the world and in waters still almost virgin and abounding with nature’s marine wonders.Lake Nasser, world’s largest and longest man-made lake stretching 270 Km south of the Aswan High Dam in the heart of the Nubian land. An area of 2400 square miles, Lake Nasseris almost the length of England and home ofNile perch and the tiger fish that grow fat among histories treasures forever buried at the bottom.

Land arrangement and handling

    • Above stated program can be combined with classical tours.
    • Felucca trip can be designed four day / three nights.
    • Masr Algamila Travel arrange all booking and transportation required as well as all necessary permissions.


1-     Above tour can be only arranged for

–         minimum 4 pax

–         Maximum 21 pax

2-     Maximum capacity of persons per felucca is 7 pax

3-     Participants are required to bring their own sleeping bags

4-     Food will be provided and cooked on board by the sail man.   (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

5-     Depending on the wind , the trip fromAswan to Esna can take 3 to 4 days