Masr Algamila Travel offering and guarantee 20 golden S during your beach holiday:

1-     Sea                 6-     Supernatural                            11-   Special event         16-   Scuba diving

2-     Sun                7-     Several Cities destination         12-   Super service        17-   Submarine

3-     Sand              8-     Stay accommodation                 13-   Sports                    18-   Snorkeling

4-     Stars             9-     Sightseeing                              14-   Safari                     19-   Souvenirs

5-     Springs          10-   Spiritual                                    15-   Surf                 20-   Sanctification

1-      Sea

Red sea: Egypt’s Red sea coast runs from Suez in the top of Suez Gulfand from Taba on the top of Aqaba Gulfto the Sudanese border. Its mineral –rich red mountain ranges inspired the mariners of antiquity name the sea Mar Rostrum, or the Red Sea.

The Red Sea unquestionably has some of the world’s richest reefs. The clarity and warmth of the water all year round encourage even the novice to spend hours with mask and snorkel discovering “the other world down there”. Long beaches with spectacular water of the Red Sea.

Mediterranean Sea: Egyptions the longest beaches on the Mediterranean sea starting from Rafah till El Saloum on the Libyan borders, with lovely and refreshing water, facing the European coasts.

4-      Stars

Clear and blue sky by day and by night and not clouded by night decorated by light stars which give unique atmosphere which give to the customer starless stay. In the deep of water we will find star fish decorated the Sea

6-     Supernatural  

Clear water , sandy beaches , sunny weather richest reefs , colored fishes , vibrant corals exotic fish, mangroof lagoons, birds, mountains, color Canyons, rare marine life, small oasis and unique super nature

2-      Sun

We grantee 365 day a year sunshine with warm weather during winter by day and unbelievable site for sunrise and sunset. The path sun is available through out the year


3-      Sand

Long beaches with white sand beaches and golden beaches it’s allow for the all activities and enjoyment as well as the black sand in Safaga and El Qusier which used for treatment

5-     Springs

Natural hot spring will back us for the journey of Moses Ex   trip; the famous spring is Moses spring and Hammamat Moses

7-     Several Cities destination

Red Sea:

cities destination starting from Suez on the Gulf of Suez till Halayeb as following : El Ain El Sokhna, El Zafrana, El Gouna Hurghada , Safaga El Qusier, Marsa Alam ,Baraneis , Halayeb. South Sinai Cities destination: Taba , Neweiba Dahab,  Sharm El Sheikh , El Tor , Ras Sedr .

Mediterranean Sea:

cities destination: starting from Rafah till El Saloum with the following cities: El Ariesh, Port Said, Alexandria, Borg El Arab, El Alamin, Sidi Abd El Rahman Marsa Maroh

8-     Stay accommodation

Varity of accommodation at hotels and resorts with several categories with different budget prices, meet all desired and required offering all relax accommodation with funny atmosphere and all water activities. Some of them offer all inclusive accommodation

10-   Spiritual    

Egypt is the holy land where the routs of Moses and birth place .Also he received his 10 commandments in Egypt land. Also Egyptwelcomed the Christ and his mother during the holy family trip. Accordingly you will find inEgypt many historical spiritual places and many places for background

From the places which Moses moving in Egypt especially in Sinai till he receiving the Ten Commandments. From the holy family come toEgypt till return and all places which they stayed at . And also the Monastery of Saint’s

12-   Super service    

As we trust our service and the hospitality is our history, our professional staff will handle and providing super service such as

  • Meeting and assist in the airport.
  • Transfer and transportation.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Excursions.

14-   Safari  

To discover natural wild primitive life with open sky sterling pure air around you.

EGYPT is outdoor nation with a multitude of leisure activities .A desert safari is more than an adventurous ride in a 4 wheel drive vehicle; more than spectacular terrain and impressive sand dunes in a lunar-inspired vista; it’s the unusual mixture of the different elements of the journey. We offer the following safari trip:

Half day desert safariHalf day safari with sunset.Bedouin dinner.

16-   Scuba diving

Discover magical treasures underwater in one of the world’s richest places for marine life , with over 60 different dive sites in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh , Safaga ,El Quswier , Marsa Alam , Dahab and Newaiba.

19-   Souvenirs

Happy evocation with comfortable relaxation days will be the most memory souvenirs for our gust

20-   Sanctification

We offer different accommodation and facilities and service. We are sure of that we will meet your sanctification and good memory will stuck in your mind for ever and let you join our beach holidays again

9-     Sightseeing  

Your beach holiday not only beaches, sea and relax but its chance to make a sightseeing tours during your stay to combine your recreation trip with historical and classical sightseeing which we offer:

–         El Gouna – Hurghada – Safaga

–         From Marsa Alam trip to Aswan

–         From Taba – Newaiba – Dahab

–         From Sharm El Sheikh

–         From El Arish

–         From Port Said

–         From Alexandria

–         From Marsa Matroh

11-   Special event  

Masr Algamila Travel offering all abilities and facilities to handling special event such as incentive and conference, specially there are special program and handling for incentive groups. For conference there are possibility for the conferences with different capacity and all equipment and handling meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Alexandria

13-   Sports  

Some of the most enticing aspects about Egypt’s top destinations like Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula, or Hurghada to the south, are the sandy shores and kilometers of colorful coral reef. While snorkeling and beach lounging are almost a given in a country with two seas, thrill-seekers have instigated a greater demand for new and adrenaline-charged sports. Some commit to learning kite surfing, rock-climbing, desert cycling, and the like, while others opt for the once-in-a-lifetime safari trekking experience. Adventure tourism is on the rise in Egypt, and word has spread to sports aficionados all over the world. The following are some of the best extreme activities available in Egypt.

15-   Surf

Windsurf its available at all red sea destination such as: Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga, El qusier, Marsa Alam

17-   Submarine

Very wonderful trip … do you want to try it ?


18-   Snorkeling

The underwater world of the Red Sea it’s a magical place – a place with vivid coral formations and fascinating sights – a place inhabited by divers’ aquatic life and teaming with colorful fish. Snorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy the beauty found just below the surface: snokerllers have the chance to interact with numerous species of marine life and brilliant corals